We help small and midsize companies to increase the value of their IoT products by building cloud-based software applications for them.


We are looking forward to develop great applications for you

  • Location tracking: Microservice based enterprise applications to let you know where your assets are at anytime.
  • Building automation: Control lights, heating, air conditioning, etc. with a smartphone or web application.
  • Sensor networks: Custom firmware for you edge devices.
  • Predictive maintenance: Automatically determine the condition of in-service equipment.
  • Low power design: Increase the battery life of your devices.


We can help you to run your application in the following environments

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • SAP Cloud
  • or migrate your on-premise application to a cloud provider


We make use of containerization which provides benefits like

  • Run your application in a modern Kubernetes environment
  • Scale horizontal in case of higher demand by your customers
  • Easily apply updates without downtime
  • Increase CPU and memory utilization on physical machines and therefore reduce costs
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