Automate IoT Infrastructure Creation

Introduction This is the second article in our IoT series. The first one covered the development of a temperature / humidity sensor as an edge device. The standalone sensor is only accessible via REST from a local WiFi. Furthermore, we just see the latest value. There are no analytics or interactive visualization. To resolve these […]

Temperature and Humidity IoT Sensor

Introduction This is the first article in a series about Building a temperature and humidity sensor as an embedded IoT device Setting up cloud infrastructure to store and visualize its data In this article, we will focus on the sensor and its firmware. The first basic implementation uses the following network topology: As you can […]

Writeup for #6

Introduction During christmas, I had some spare time, decided to give another try and began solving challenge #6: You can connect to a service using nc 10101 The service binary dubblesort and its libc are available for download Your goal is to send malicious input and spawn a shell So, let’s connect to […]

Writeup for #4

Introduction Last reversing CTF was so much fun, I started directly with the next challenge. For me, it was a very hard one and it took me several weeks (although I recognized, after reading other peoples solutions my approach was far too complex ;). Nevertheless, it is still interesting and I want to describe the […]

Writeup for #3

Introduction On our last hackathon, Malfunction, Scotch and me tried to beat several CTFs. This article sums up the results of challenge #3 on The basic settings are: A calculator service runs on, port 10100. The corresponding calc binary can be downloaded for analysis. Send malicious input to the calculator to spawn a […]

Genesis2Amiga Gamepad Adapter

We love retro computing. Especially the Commodore Amiga is great device with lots of games. Each of them can be enjoyed on an emulator, but I prefer real hardware. Unfortunatly, 30 years old joysticks tend to malfunction. Furthermore, it is more comfortable to use a gamepad. Therefore, I was searching for a new gamepad which […]

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